How to Buy

Option 1Website

Approximately 50% of the paintings shared on this website have been sold. However, please use the Contact page if one or more catches your interest; with any luck, it will be available.

Option 2 – Facebook

To see my most recent paintings, please friend or follow me on Facebook – I post each painting as it is completed along with details and pricing. You can purchase directly from me simply by responding with a message to start the conversation.

Option 3 – Galleries

APFTA Online – I will always have five or six paintings displayed in the ONLINE GALLERY of A Place for the Arts. Go to then select Online Gallery from the choices offered (top left bars if you are using your phone) and scroll down to Ken Balmer. If you click on a painting, you will get the details.

A Place for the Arts, Bridge Street, Bancroft – there are currently four paintings on display at APFTA. The Snowy Owl over Kananaskis, the Northern Cardinals, the Otters and the Buffalo. You can enquire at

The Muse Gallery and Cafe, Bridge Street, Bancroft – I have a wall of 14 paintings at The Muse. You can enquire by calling (613) 334-1573 or

Art Gallery of Bancroft, Flint Street – currently none of mine hanging there, but I look forward to a one-person show Balance in September, 2021.

Option 4 – Commissions

Like any artist, I thrive on commissions. Use the Contact Page on this website to start the conversation. Portraits, favourite creatures, really anything you want me to try. All at no risk – if you aren’t totally satisfied, no sale, no problem; but I always appreciate the chance to try again.